500 famous monkeez
launched on terra

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Wagmi Monkeez are a collection of 500 uniquely generated NFTs, and the first monkeez on Terra!

The first collectible monkey community on Terra blockchain, NFTs build for the wagmi monkeez worldwide.

Each monkee has a unique combination of physical traits, as well as personality traits, that will help in their mission to conquer the internet.

How were the monkeez generated?

Wagmi Monkeez are a collection made of 50 hand-drawn famous characters, randomized with over 100 crafted atributes and features, created in the Monkeez labs.

The Community

The one thing that all successful NFT collections have in common is their strong communities that are constantly working together in order to improve the ecosystem.

Terra’s Wagmi Monkeez are on a mission to conquer the internet. Each monkee is unique and has a special role in our mission.

Holding a monkee will grant you a elite role in our community. Not only that, but monkee owners will also get the chance to vote on all future decisions taken in our mission.

Astronaut helmet
Pirate Caribbean
Skeleton Flipofff

Owning a monkee will be your ticket to the WAGMI DAO, the top alpha sharing community on Terra designed to be a place of learning , focused on perpetuating the wagmi spirit.

Monkeez and Kongz will be working together to populate the Terra blockchain.

There is only one better feeling than making it in the crypto world, and that is being able to make it side by side with your fellow monkeez. WAGMI


01 - Pre-launch

The concept of wagmi monkeez started to emerge. Founders put together a team of talented artists and developers to create the project.

02 - Deployment

500 Monkeez are being launched on a mission to Terra.

03 - Start Up

Monkeez will be listed on major marketplaces.

04 - Gathering

The reward system will start to be implemented and each monkee holder will receive a ticket for the giveaway.

05 - Community

Rest of the funds will be used to develop the community, members will vote on how to proceed.

06 - Fun time

We have many surprises prepared for monkee holders in the near future, airdrops and exclusive whitelists are some of them.


1010 Wagmi Kongz are being dipatched in 5 DeFi gangs that will work together to take over the Universe.


Finally the Wagmi Monkeez will be reunited with the Wagmi Kongz to breed a new species of babies – some nasty baby apes.


Baby apes will populate the Terra blockchain metaverse.

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Wagmi Monkeez

unique generated NFTs

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